The meaning of life.

What is the meaning you find in your life without God?

Love, peace, joy, kindness, generosity, honesty, relationships, happiness, freedom, mercy, justice, sacrifice, passion, dreams, morality, solutions, learning, understanding, hope…

They all exist in my life without a god. No lie. No wishful thinking. They all do.

I have meaning within my circle of relationships (family, coworkers, friends, etc.). I have an impact on their lives whether it’s purposeful or known consciously (as they have an impact on mine). I can see the difference I make because I am involved in their lives.

I also have an impact on people I don’t know. Perhaps through what I say, what choices I make, or other cause-and-effect relationships. Even if it’s a tiny difference, I can make one.

And the meaning of my life may be completely different once I’m gone. Perhaps the effect I have on this world will live on through my legacy or through the legacy of someone whom I cared for or birthed.

Meaning is everywhere. We all have it. I think we just approach it differently (hence the different ideas about meaning of life between theists and atheists).

Baby it’s cold outside

All my life I’ve been part of Christianity in some form or another. I was raised in a passionately vibrant Christian home; I “prayed the prayer” when I was 9; I spent the rest of my life never once doubting that there was a God (Yahweh) and Jesus was his son who died for me. I was a missionary, a leader, a wannabe scholar, and desperate for more of God.

Now I’m not.
And I’m noticing just how difficult it is to be non-religious in the USA, on this forum, and in my daily life. I feel like a loner kid gripping the chain link fence outside of a playground, suddenly shut out of all the games and social groups. I stand there pleading, “I am still me! I have good ideas! Why can’t I play too?”

Where did my voice go? Being heard is so much more difficult now. I have to fight against the censors people unconsciously put up against non-believers. I now have less wisdom, insight, morality, and respectability (all of a sudden).

People have told me I was never saved in the first place. I suppose 16 years of passion for God and trying to ‘walking the walk’ makes me a real tool. I was so good at fooling myself, was I?
Invalidation is becoming something that grates on me the most.

My ego is taking a beating, and I suppose I’m taking much of this personally. I know there will need to be some time to adjust. How can I make this transition?