Megachurches: Too Mega?

I like to go window-shopping just as much as the next person; my money burns holes into anything with pockets. I also admit to being one of the first in line for new advancements in technology and just about anything “bigger and better.” Just ask me about my interest in interior decorating and real estate, my pet obsession with Apple computers, or how I melt at the brilliance of a witty ad campaign. I smile just thinking of how great I am for realizing the benefits of the mass media and the newest technology. If your ear is tuned to what I just said, you’d recognize the distinct presence of my ego–how great I am. My focus is not on the benefits of these technologies for anyone else, nor on those who cannot afford such a lavish lifestyle. No, my focus is on me and my personal growth with the money God has given me.

What if I told you that many of the 850-900 megachurches in the U.S. are doing the exact same thing? Those that do believe that bigger is in fact better, and that being the first ones in line for new advancements in technology and worship will always mean they are doing the best possible things with the money God gave them.

Let me cut to the quick: the institution of the megachurch has strayed from the original plan set out by Messiah and the apostles.

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