Man… SEARS was knocked up

Man… SEARS was knocked up today. I swear, those people that shopped there were not human! I was about to blow a gasket to one of those flustery women had me do her transaction over three times, void it twice, and then she forgot to give me her coupons. That was not right. Plus, all the dressing rooms and floors were hit up. One of them smelled like the return of Stinkyfoot (long funny story only able to be told by Dwayne, and you don’t know him)… I stayed a half hour after I was scheduled to work (10 o clock, a whole hour after close to all of you who like to stay after a store closes just to peeve us off…no i’m not bitter). I feel like my good attitude and life have just been sucked out of me… Where there once was a cheerful, servant attitude, now lies a shred of energy and patience… I’m glad my brother’s not home yet or I think I would break down. I can’t wait to sleep tonight. I miss Stephen.