What do you all think

What do you all think of AGNES SCOTT for my future school? It’s in Decatur/Atlanta, Georgia. All this time I’ve been aiming straight at HOPE (which is in state: Holland, Michigan to be exact). I really don’t understand what’s changing my mind, and swaying my ideas like this. Maybe I’m not supposed to go to Hope like everyone thinks I am. Maybe I’m not supposed to go to either. My mom wants me to look into HIRAM and WOOSTER in Ohio, but I really…hate Ohio. I’m sorry y’all. I just can’t stand the whole state at this moment. There’s this college in Kentucky called CENTRE. It sounds pretty cool and I do love Kentucky… But it’s… not exciting really. Maybe… I just don’t know what I’m thinking. I need to start praying about this decision full time. Could those of you who pray do the same? It would mean my life to me. Really.