Ever noticed how people from

Ever noticed how people from the south (I can name at least three states: Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississippi) never talk in cities? They talk in counties.

“Where’s yer farm at, pardner?”
“O’er there in Greene county.”

or something like:

“I live in Gwinnett.”
“Oh ok, Man people from your county are shot dumb, i tell ya…”

That’s instead of how it is here i Michigan where we talk in cities.

“I live in Ann Arbor…”
“Washtenaw county, you know?”
“No… Where’s that?”
“Home of the University of Michigan”
“Ohhh….. Gotcha.”

(see, it doesn’t work the same)
We Michiganders are also the only state I have ever heard of that says:

“I’m going up north for vacation” and we don’t mean Canada. “Up North” is technically the north portion of the mitten part of Michigan. All other states say other things like “up state” or “to such-and-such a city” (or in the south, they use counties…hehe). Aren’t we odd?