So I’m saying a lot

So I’m saying a lot of “what if?….” questions to people lately. I think it’s a desire to change that’s brewing inside of me: this drive to be different. So far in my life I haven’t been that different.

I swung on swings, played freeze tag, and built forts in the leafy corner of our small private school yard.
I hate/d eggplant and hamburger stroganoff (which I still can’t spell).
I had the strangest obsessions over certain boys all through middle school.
I gossip, though I try to say I don’t.
I like Kix cereal.
I am a mutt child, made of so many nationalities and proud of every one.
I like the net.
I wanted to be popular one day. I also wanted to be a vet (doesn’t everyone?).
I have allergies.
I hate studying.
I fall in love easily and hate to disappoint anyone.
I flirt.
I have always wished I could write.
Sometimes at night I cry myself to sleep over loneliness.
I think I’m pretty cool but can’t really say that to anyone.
I think “it won’t happen to me”.

See, I’m not so different. I’m just me… Sometimes that’s never enough.