This is where I get

This is where I get angry. Ever since I was a child I have been very sensitive and especially sensitive to other people’s situations (even if i do sound like a cold hearted weasel, I really can’t make you understand how what I’m saying is the truth). Right now I feel for my sister. My sister is so awesome. She’s lovable, caring, introverted (unlike me), motherly (I hate this but only when she wants to mother me), beautiful, friendly, generous, and everything she should be. She’s feeling hurt right now because some youth group people from Knox drove all the way up to HOPE where she goes. Why is she hurt? they didn’t come to see her at all. It wasn’t in their heads to even stop by. they went to see Jim and Ben, two freshman who just moved up. My sister has been there for over a year now and never did they once even suggest coming up to see her. Nobody visited my sister last year except my family and my best friend Laura who went with me one time. I am really growing more and more bitter inside as my heart is hardened towards these people. I’m hurt. My sister isn’t broken up about it, but it’s important to her. She needs to feel missed too. I see them as insensitive and cliquey… I’d rather not even visit them in college. I’ll just brew over this and let my mind think horrible thoughts about this. I want my sister to smile and be happy. I want her to see her boyfriend because yesterday was his birthday and she misses him terribly. I want people to understand her and see her as the lovely, unique woman that she is. I adore my sister. Her name is Miriam.