Loaded with outfits and two

Loaded with outfits and two changes of shoes, I trugged along the busy city streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan with my co-conspirator and great friend Jenn (whom I’ve mentioned previously). I must say, it must have looked strange to see two gorgeous women walking down the sidewalk carrying clothing on hangers and laughing to themselves, wetting their lips and excercising their facial muscles… Oh wait, this is Ann Arbor we’re talking about.

So we took our studio pictures today. It didn’t take too long and John (Shultz) was amazing. He really knows how to do great senior pictures. I can’t wait to get the proofs (probably a week and a half from Monday). We head to the Law Quad this coming Monday if the weather’s lovely enough to take the outdoor session shots. It’s amazingly gorgeous there. Just so you know… THIS is his site.

“I feel pretty… Oh so pretty… I feel pretty, and witty, and gay!”