Pouring rain, a sore throat,

Pouring rain, a sore throat, and boredom line my day. I’ve watched too much television, and the only redeeming factor is that I saw The Blackboard Jungle. Ooh, Denzel…. in black and white no less. I know I’m coming down with a cold of some sort because I’m stuffed up, my eyes are red, and my throat hurts and scratches when I speak. I sound like a regular diva, let me tell you. Football has been on at least one television all day today. I must not be a guy because I’m not thrilled by seeing a penalty bringing the crowd back into the game, or listening to an announcer know the football players better than his own wife. I’ll stick with boredom. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a meal out. I do that a lot lately. Thus, I am spending my pay check faster than I can get it. Julia needs to learn money management and how to not be so materialistic.

Well, I’d better be going. The rain has stopped (momentarily I think) and I have to use the roads.

Link of the moment: JESUS.COM
It’s amazing how desperate one man can be and still have balls. Kind of funny, but totally useless waste of a good domain name.