Hmm… what’s going on with

Hmm… what’s going on with me….?

  • I recieved a $2500 scholarship for recieving all 2’s on my MEAP tests that I took last school year. Basically, I got a silver medal but still got all the first place booty. Muhahahaha… Oh, but that’s towards in-state coleges so… we shall see how this all plays out! I think my father’s the most thrilled. He says I’m destined to go to Hope. What if I’m not? What if Agnes Scott is the place for me? He’s got his heart set on me and my sister going to the same school and he’s so damn proud of it already that I hate to ruin his mood by asking him to not set his heart on my schooling. Anyway…

  • My mother is gone all week in Dearborn (only 40 minutes away) for a tough week. My mother is a great Ford employee. I respect what she does and I think she’s great at it. She gets a complimentary Nextel phone… One of those new models with radio capability… I’m jealous. But she’s getting no sleep and has to be on call all the time. Poor woman. She rocks.

  • It’s pouring mamas and papas outside today. I love the sound of thunder and how it makes my house shake at its corners. It almost takes away that horrible depression that sets in during bad weather when I’m all alone.

  • I’m very sick. I have a terrible cold and a sinus headache to boot, along with that pressure in your neck when you feel like you’re about to be impaled by large blunt object. I need meds. I’ve been drinking fluids all day. So far I’ve had: 5 glasses of milk, 1 of water, 1 20oz. bottle of Snapple brand Rain fruitjuice with all those good vitamins and herbal suplements and stuff, 1 bottle of orange Slice, and 1 Fantasia strawberry banana smoothie. You’d think my system would be flushed by now, eh? Funny.

  • Final newsflash: Julia notices that nobody cares about what she’s drank during the day or how it’s raining, or about her mother being gone and so she’s more lonely, or how her father obsesses over one college and will probably never allow her to go anywhere else because she thinks he’s insecure about their youngest child moving away…