Hooray for practical jokes! “One

Hooray for practical jokes!

“One of my favorite practical jokes is to get a somewhat long spool of rope, and when walking down the street ( acting official..), get someone to assist you in measuring a distance. Pick a spot near a corner , go around, and find another person to hold the other end of the rope. Go across the street and just wait… “

“1. Locate undesirable LP record w/ jacket. I recommend “Mystic Moods”. 2. Fetch cardboard jacket– should be in good condition, no split sides or the such. (Save disc for frisbee– they shatter in fine fashion when hurled in a room. But I digress.) 3. Fetch can of shaving cream, e.g. Gillette Foamy or the like. Fill album cover with shaving cream. 4. With accomplice, go to room of victim. Their door should be closed. 5. Fit open edge of cream-filled album cover under bottom of door. 6. Accomplice braces album cover. 7. Jump on album cover, ejecting shaving cream into dorm room. 8. Run like hell.
This was funny when tried. Of course, most things are funny at 4 AM.”
Darn right about that