To continue my practical joke

To continue my practical joke search, I have inlcuded the honorary “oh my good god!” joke that will make you wonder if these people are actually friends.

“We did something like this, the night before a friend got married. To keep him from waking up, we covered his face with a rag soaked in ether or chloroform (I’m not sure). We proceeded to shave off half his mustache.

His intended was slightly disturbed when she heard the news the next morning, so she decided to get us back. While we were in the ceremony, she had someone sew up the pants legs to our clothes.

We got the last laugh though. As the newlyweds were getting into the car, we pulled up in a truck, kidnapped the groom, and drove away. We took him a few miles out of town, stripped him, and hand-cuffed him to a road sign. Taught her. “