Almost time for work and

Almost time for work and I’m just now getting online. I shouldn’t be thrilled…but I am. I’m just realizing that I’ve had the same big huge smile for years. People tell me to smile “less loudly” because I can blow them away. I kind of like that. I haven’t learned to smile genuinely without teeth showing. I’ll give yoou an example when I can hook up my scanner. We just got a sweet new printer (the thing takes years to set itself up but it spits out paper like a baseball player spits tobacco) that takes up that port. Now I don’t knwo what to do. If only Dad was home. If only I had my work things here. I don’t have the card I need to punch in (I haven’t memorized my number yet…oops), nor do I have my magnetic nametag that doesn’t poke nasty big holes into my clothing leaving my chest looking like my sweater went through a shrapnel test and came out negative.

Idea of the day “life is what happens when you’re out making other plans”…. I think of that song in Mr. Holland’s Opus that he sang to his son Cole. It can touch me from rooms away. I want to make that kind of difference in other people’s lives. I want to be the one who changes the scenery of their days and brings a certain smile to their lips.

Well, it’s about time for Laura to pick me up for work. I thank God for that girl’s generosity. I love her. Bye all, maybe something amazing wil happen at work.