People, if you can’t buy

People, if you can’t buy things at SEARS or afford them, even if they are on sale, please… visit places like Value Villiage or Kiwanis where clothes come cheaper… My register is not a bargaining table in Mexico where you can barter for a better price. If I do that, I will be fired. Don’t try buttering me up by telling me I’m pretty or I have a nice watch. I will not give you an 80% sale on some new dress just so you can have it for the hospital-something-or-other… this is a retail store with limits. $109.99 dresses do not go for $45.00! Ever… Don’t even ask me to mark it down because of a few white stray strings that were drawn by static to the dress. Watch me pick them off and tell you I can’t do any better than $87.49…It doesn’t matter if there are 4….7… or 13 specks. I will not give you 20% off for each one… Please, I don’t feel guilt when it comes to saving my own butt and job. Please, please go away….I can’t handle you anymore.