I fell asleep at 4

I fell asleep at 4 pm…. I just woke up 10 minutes ago….I will never sleep again, I swear. Of course this gives me a leg up in packing for my trip this weekend. I didn’t want to keep sleeping and wake up at some bizarre hour just to pack. Eek, laundry!

So my father putt out this ad… in the paper… to give away our cat Duey. Duvet is his real name. Miriam named him. In fact, Miriam named all of our cats. This one she bought randomly (and I do mean this in the true ‘out of the blue’ sense) at the farmer’s market years ago. I’m not sure how old he is, I ust know he’s adorable, pretty shy for a male, and small as well. His name means fuzz (or a comforter blanket) in French. I don’t speak French. Miriam needed a lesson on how to name animals a long time ago… There’s Paws, Coffee, and Duvet…
I wonder what will end up happening… I’ll keep y’all updated. right now I’m tired.

I’ve written in [ L U X ] today. It’s all stuff I’ve written before in Creative Writing. The whole page will be what I write that day. Just writing…prose…poetry… thought process writing, unfinished entries of both…. Go see.