So here I am having

So here I am having a fabulous hair day, sporting a peair of new glasses that I got last week just in time because I had “eye trauma” (as I like to call it) last night. I tried taking my right contact out after successfully getting the left one disposed of and couldn’t remove it because my eye was too dry. So I keep trying and somehow it folds, gets itself stuck underneath my top eyelid (where i am told, there is an obvious marking of its presence there) and begins to hurt like hell with hot sauce and some kind of serrated blade. Right. So, I have no tears, my eye is continuously becoming the hot zone and I don’t know what to do. I’ve heard horror stories about this sort of thing, and the way it hurt…well I could have been under the knife without anesthesia.

At this point it’s a bit past 2 AM and I decide, after it comes to the point where i can’t move, touch, and/or open my right eye at all, that my hero, Mom, should be woken up. She tries to help me get it out, I’m moaning and we talk about taking me to the emergency room rather than go through this pain at risk of cut/infection… She gives me some Clear Eyes that does no good but to eat away (literally) at the suface of my eye because it has preservatives in it… So I moan some more and somehow… RIGHT after we prayed about it, the pain lessens and I think the contact actually fell out. So, I’m still wanting to cry and can’t really use my eye when we decide to go to Meijers… baby, it’s all about Meijers. 24 Hour loooove… Mind you I am still moaning over horrible pain…but am changing clothes and brushing my hair and coordinating my pajamas to go out to Meijers… I am so female it hurts. So we go, get eyedrops that work, and buy what else? Macaroni and cheese. I hear you laughing. It was hilarious, really. We’re both hungry by this time (about 3:00AM) and decide to continue dousing my eye to make sure all the contact fragments are loosened enough, and eat. We go home. We make Mac and Cheese “Boston Market” style. Yummm… Steve comes home and goes “what the hell are you doing up?!” me and mom immediately crack up and my brother keeps staring… and asking for some of the good food. Bed time happened at about 4 AM… I got up at about 8 AM….Man are we a trippy family. I’m having the worst eye pain ever and getting my eye completely scratched over like a bad chalkboard/nails incident, and we’re laughing over mac and cheese! My mom and I rock. So now I’m sporting my glasses to let my poor eye heal… And that’s my last night “eye trauma” tale of strange King family events… Or something.