It’s hard to figure out

It’s hard to figure out one’s feelings. right now I’m trying to keep myself away from a relationship. I’m actually scared stiff of anything serious besides my former… I think that is good, at least for now. I don’t need this whole… rebound-guy thing all of us women are well aware of. Guys, if you want a fling, this is when you get involved. All the girl wants is some NCL (non-committal lipage) and to get her mind off how she is either still head over heels for her old boyfriend, or completely enraged at him and wants to get even. Just beware, boys, if it lasts too long, she’ll cling. You shouldn’t get too involved in NCL anyway, that’s why it’s called NCL, y’all. There are certain rules and regs concerning your… activities. for women, it is meant for physical and mental distraction from the past. Guys, you just get some.

I know I sound like a mistress of some risque oxygen bar saying all of this… as if I accept NCL and think it’s ok. No way, I know I can’t emotionally handle NCL because I get way too involved about things like that. I’m glad I at least know myself that well.