I was just listening to

I was just listening to Phen’s RADIO show. He’s got such an amazing voice. He’s on every Sunday night at 9-10 if you want to listen. He plays some great music too, which is a relief because no radio stations around Ann Arbor play good Christian stuff. Someday I’ll own a fabulous station and decide exactly what gets played. You just wait. there was a good one in Atlanta… can’t remember the nubers, but it was like “103.9…the FISH” (said always so intimidating as if fishies could scare someone into listening to that station). I loved the plug they put after the comercials. It said “Nobody else plays the music we do… we don’t know why either.” teehee…i adore the radio. oh i can’t wait to be involved if I go to HOPE. They play all kinds of stuff actually. I’m not sure if it’s all Christian or not. We shall see.