So… news… I thank God

So… news…

I thank God for my family’s health… but I pray for my father.

My dad, David if you need to know his name, is going to get a final prognosis on Monday at the U of M Spine Clinic. about what you ask? The past two months of continuous out of this world pain he has been having in his back and neck. He can’t rotate his neck in any direction. He can’t support the weight of his head now without help or more pain… he cries out in his sleep when he shifts positions, and the pain killers are just not good enough. My dad found out that he may have Degenerative Disc Disease** and arthritis of the neck. He says it’s not as bad as it sounds, but personally, my dad doesn’t need any more diseases. He’s already had breast cancer [in remission for almost 6 years now!], and yes dearies, men do get breast cancer. That was enough. I think he deserves to be healthy now. I don’t like to see him in pain. He can’t excercise now either, and he used to run every day… I love my dad. I can’t wait until this feels better… I’ll let you know if the final prognosis is the same as the theory. Please pray for him, and if you’re not the praying type, what are you? Just send good thoughts… I’d appreciate them.

** [Degenerative Disc Disease – A general term applied to degeneration of the spinal discs which serve as cushions between the spinal vertebrae.]