What is it with my

What is it with my old crushes suddenly getting in touch with me these days? First Ryan from MN [“Hoser”], who I haven’t talked to (voluntarily) for over a year, and for what reason I can clearly remember but, I suppose, don’t care about anymore. He wrote me a letter out of the blue last month and since then we’ve had a few light conversations. If he brings it (the reason i stopped being friends with him) up one time though, he’s getting the ‘jooboot’ again. I hope we can still be friends without the fuss. Now I’ve made him sound bad, which he isn’t. Sorry.

Now it’s Aaron from FL [“Olsen”], who nudged my sister into giving him my new e-mail address (new as of february.ha.) and whos e-mail I just recieved. Apparently he has been touring with some band called Scarecrow and Tinmen…which I haven’t heard of… but the word tinmen in itself rocks my boat. Poor guy doesn’t sound too happy with that job.. his band EV ANGEL will someday become mighty famous and I’ll be able to really say “I knew him when…” because hey, we used to like each other. Kida cutesy…but totally and surprisingly random. I’m shocked, but pleasantly. I missed him more than I thought. He’s a wonderful guy with so many gifts. The people he knows are incredibly lucky.

[edited for Aaron’s sake. I made him sound like a stalker… teehee. oops. and no, i’m not just sucking up. i’m truthful.]>