Well I just got done

Well I just got done jamming all around the kitchen to Relient K (no boos out there, ok? none of this “who? relient 182?” you know who you are) while using the grand powers of a sponge and brillo to clean as much of the kitchen i could without being asked. OK so my surprise was kind of ruined when mom came downstairs and gasped, going “look at you?!” I took that as a teary-eyed thank-you. That’s exactly what I was going for. Her shock and smile. Good old mom does too much work around the house. She never complains either… I think she’s asked for help twice really, and that’s because we King children are freaking lazy sometimes. I’d like to be more of a servant. A servant to the serving would be fitting.

Love my family.

PS: oh yeah! Jasperbabe phoned me and left me a real live voicemail on the 11th and woah, he called me and left me a message on the machine today too! I can’t be more grateful for that generous show of friendship. Thanks Jasper, you are my personal angel. ha. do I embarass you Jas? too bad *raspberry*