So what if I just

So what if I just got back from being out? Just walking in the door, kicking my boots off, connecting as usual. (Finally Aaron and I are talking on AIM. took a while hehe) Laura, Sue, and I went out to dinner at Applebees, and I swear I have a food allergy because once again my stomach’s… irritated. I wonder what it could be! Fries? no…. I have no idea. Anyway, we hung out at Laura’s house… Sue had a few Heinekens(see, I don’t drink, can’t spell it. beers anyway) and we talked to one of their best friends -one of my acquaintances- Mel on the phone. Poor girl’s going to end up pregnant, poor, and married to a horrible man named Greg who she would cheat on anyway. I really want her to turn her life around. Of course I can’t control anything. I’ll just pray about it. And hope. I swear I’ll have a breakdown if any of my good friends ends up in a hard place like that. I can see it happening already. Life is out of control!

Anyway, Sue left after a while and I stayed and talked around with Laura which was interesting, hilarious, and of course, unique. We’re a great pair of friends. But now I’m home, my brother isn’t even here like I thought he would be. My parents are spending the night in Ohio with Laura’s parents, and I’m writing a blog entry? I feel pretty lame actually. ha.