(OK so my new guestbook

(OK so my new guestbook sucks sometimes too. Deal or don’t, I don’t really give a hair off my head for that thing. It can be fresh.)

Aha! so…NEWS time!

1) It’s my dad’s birthday today and I totally forgot until he left for work. So I told him tonight. No biggie. To me, he’s never going to be old enough to call “old”, so all the ages in between 35 and 80 don’t really make much sense. He’s 52. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD.

2)On the “first day of the second half of his life” as He is now putting it, my father got his diagnosis. You know, we were right. He has that Degenerative Disc Disease in his cervical and lumbar spinal regions and arthritis of the spine. Last night had me so worried. He couldn’t sit up. He couldn’t walk. He just…wanted to lie on the floor for hours. Pain fightens the crap out of me, and this pain, which unlike his breast cancer treatments, has no time limit, scares me very much. I don’t know how to act during those times. I’m a living worrier. But today, he made it to the U of M spine clinic and got that diagnosis. On his birthday for pete’s sake (like I keep asking, who the heck is pete? Do I know pete?)! So he’s taking new drugs… they seem to be helping! He helped with #3 tonight which was amazing… Taking the stairs so many times. I’m so proud of his strength.

3) Here she is, Miss Computer America! Lame. Hey, I moved the family computer to my room, so I now own it. It’s hooked up to the main phone line so bye-bye phone calls! well, when I’m on. My parents are now looking in on me… telling me to get offline. Ha! They’ll get on my case now… but I can get on anytime I want since this is upstairs. I should make my own rules. I’ll try to be responsible. Sure. Next order of business? Get the second phone line up here, get a new sound card (cheap recommendations anyone?), hang my phone up on the wall, and get some freakin sleep. The Goblet of Fire is so good! I can’t put it down. I’m a book addict. Won’t get any of that freaking sleep I need. Yay.