So Blogger didn’t work for

So Blogger didn’t work for me last night…and I’m debating now if I should post my last night’s rant. I think I will, so you know I’m a complete brat sometimes.

Oh my goodness. Work is so hard. since we have this big time inspection
tomorrow, I was told yesterday that Judy, my manager, wanted us to all stay
until 10:00pm. FYI, the mall closes at 9:00pm. So, out of the kindness of my
heart, I decide to say ok, and SKIP a very important dress rehearsal for my
(tomorrow) choir concert! How…very…frustrating. But I felt like I’d be ok
since she let us wear jeans and tennis shoes and ordered us pizza. That was kind
of her. OK so today ended up being really…very hard, right? For you guys out
there who really find it funny that we ladies have this…problem every month,
beware. We’re freaking deadly when we’re in as much pain as I was in. I swear…
it was like I was being torn apart by the jaws of life. I couldn’t even stand up
in choir for long before I felt like collapsing back into the chair to moan. It
helps to sit and curl up… Am I being too blunt? Don’t read this if you don’t
want me speaking normally. By the way, that’s as muc!
h disclaimer as you’ll probably ever get from me. So this pain continued
through school and all of work, the latter which ended up being ok since I
didn’t have to help anybody or ring anything up, just merchandizing and
organizing into the plan-o-gram. It’s amazing how out of place things ended up
being! Goodness! I thought I would get lost and cry. My attitude started getting
worse as time went on and by the end of the night I was whining like some sick
child impatient with her mother who talks too much to her friends. I ended up
staying until 10:20pm… and felt like I would die. Thank God for not having me
blow up at anyone or ruin something… I’m home now, and feeling better now that
(yes!) I’m sitting and feeling more relaxed in my PJ’s. I’m calling in sick