I’m jumpy because I have

I’m jumpy because I have a propped up CD jewel case on the window sill next to me (for no reason), and I keep seeing my moving reflection in it through my peripheral vision. It’s creeping me out and I think I’m just too lazy to just reach over there and move it because I’m sure it would disturb everything else on my window sill and all I could do then is sigh and grunt unappreciatively at my attempt.

OK anyway… Tonight I had a choir concert, right? It went well. For the first time, people from my youth group (ok, two) came and saw me sing. I saw them talking a lot of the time because they went for another reason (not to see me? i know, how could they…). The Humanities classes require a musical production be attended once every quarter and a paper written about one of the pieces. So it’s not my singing that draws people.. it’s the attractiveness of a freaking paper that brings them to our choir concerts. Nice. Real nice. We did really well though. Someday I’ll have samples for y’all to listen to since we do record a live CD.

Know how I said I’d call in sick? Oops, I did it too late. I should have called in as soon as I got home from school, but i forgot and didn’t call till after I was supposed to be there. Oh well, they can’t fire me now.