Today was long and arduous.

Today was long and arduous. I woke up early and there was a huge mix up with a practice ACT test that I was registered for but thought I wasn’t so I didn’t go when I should have gone… and I wish I had slept much more. I stayed up late last night reading because somehow, I figure that busying myself while awake will take away the need for thinking on my way to bed. I am sometimes afraid of my own thoughts.

Right now I’m listening to the lovely opera duet in Life Is Beautiful, one of the most glorious movies of all time.

I went to the Word of God reunion tonight. I know y’all don’t understand what it is, but let’s say it was a rtevolutionary charismatic Catholic community back from the 70’s into the 80’s. I grew up with these people and their children. Oh how I love those people! It’s amazing seeing so many hands raised in charasmatic praise to God automatically when the words, “let us turn to God in prayer” are spoken. I was not there, however, for the moment when they announced my dad’s condition to the *huge* group and prayed for him. I trust that they did that. I did stay for dinner and most of the entertainment though. Oh I can’t wait to load those pictures! Mark and John M. totally stole the show. Mark is my age and John is his older brother. They played a “Dynamic Guitar Duo” as it was called in the program, and all I can say is: I know so many people who only wish they could play like that! I’m in complete awe. I’m more proud to know the people I do every day of my life.

Visited dad tonight. He’s taking some new drugs so he felt more chipper than I’ve seen him in a month! Pretty soon I’m sure he’ll be sitting and walking comfortably. I’m praying for it. People missed him tonight at the event. Mom had the job of explaining the situation to the people she knew shouldn’t have to hear in a large group setting. Especially those clients of his that are in WOG. She’s so sensative to their needs, as small as it may sound.

OK, life really is beautiful. I love it.