I have this wonderful idea

I have this wonderful idea for a novel. I wish I could only get it out on paper. If only I had someone to co-write it with me! Anyway, enough about my inability to write. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t updated [ L U X U R I A N T ] lately. I just haven’t been in my class enough to write anything of substance.

Oh I’m so happy! I’m going to try and get next friday off of work because it’s a half day of school anyway (which means I spend about an hour there. tee hee) and my dear boy John and his fmaily have asked me to come with them to CALVIN and HOPE with them so John won’t have to go alone. Oh I love that family! This means I’ll be visiting Miriam, my sister, and spending time with one of my closest friends at the college I love. I don’t know what I think about Calvin, but I’ll pretend I’m applying so it doesn’t look like I’m a sibling along for the ride or anything. By the way, Calvin and Hope are bitter rivals. Guess who I root for?

Dad came home from the hospital today! Yippee! His cancer is being deal with since he’s gotten great new pain medication and has been going through radiation. Pretty soon they’ll find all of the tumors that might be in his body (I’m praying for none!) and plans will be made for the treatment needed for those. My father will die from cancer, if God wills it, or he will live a healthy life, if God wills it. Most likely, the former. I am so joyful that he gets to live the life he wants now, be it for 10 or 20 years. Be on the lookout for books by my father, Dr. David King Ph.D. [ I didn’t tell you about this yet did I? I decided not to reveal it. ASK me for details if you want. I will not mind!]

Ugh! I’m stuck on SG’s content… help, Michial! It won’t go anywhere unless I have stuff to put up.