Oh, riotous laughter! The TP

Oh, riotous laughter! The TP site (kinda weird looking but so much fun to read through!) has the best one liners to go with youth group pictures ever.

Remind me please to develop the four rolls of film i have in the car and upload them all! I wanna be funny like Justin.

1(He’s the co-owner of Arty, y’all)
2(No wonder he grins big…)
3(You can see not everyone’s as happy as Justin)
4(John’s wearing -my- fokelies thank you!)
5(Includes me advertising good smoothies)
6(Ahh! more of me smiling. notice how it repells people?)
7(These are very typical faces for each of those people! haha. such diverse reactions)
8(no 8? what?)
9(Jars of Clay!)
10(I’m the blind one with the “duh” look)


1(I’m John’s #1 fan, and everyone knows it)
2(Matty doesn’t do drugs)
3(That’s Mrs. Loo’s class! ha! Evil woman)


1(Broomball Two-Thousand, baby)
2(I done told you I was his biggest fan)
3(It’s good she’s tiny)
4(Champion isn’t just a brand name anymore)

1(I’ll use this for a layout sometime)
3(It’s Ben and Jim, respectively)