Oh yeah, so I saved

Oh yeah, so I saved Dan’s backpack from destruction today. He left it on the top of his car and drove off after school! I tried to honk at him but his car is too loud. Darn turbo-wanna-be-cool-lame-hump-on-the-hood. Anyway, the bag flew off when he turned out of the parking lot and immediately got hit by a truck. Some other cars tried to get around it, but it was too central in the first lane. I gunned my truck to getover there and scrambled to pick up everything that was left without getting hit by rushing cars. Thank goodness God gave me enough space to really grab stuff. No traffic on my side of the road for like two minutes. Amazing. Anyway, I found Dan five minutes later because he said he wanted to grab a bit to eat, and we are right by a strip mall with much good food! I grabbed him and he was so thankful for my automatic moves. Anyone would have done it. I’m glad I knew who he was and about where he was going! Grace of God, I tell ya. Pray for Dan, please. He’s having some times with his own searching. I don’t think he’s too sure that there could be one God, one father that loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with us. This new age junk is getting to everyone’s heads. Well anyway, that is my day! I’m glad I could be of service to a friend.