Today was so much greater

Today was so much greater than yesterday! I have to thank Stephen for cheering me up last night. Thanks for caring, babe; you’re a pip.

But really, I was so… smiley and friendly and eager to talk to everyone and make someone’s day *that* much better. I hope I accomplished it. I still have some hours to go too. I mean hey, I work at 4-close. It’s FRIDAY! Yesssss… Well I had a mighty load of caffeine today too so I’m good for a few more hours. I’ll get another dose at about 5 PM. I think I’m an addict. Anyway… You don’t care, why should you have to?

Know what I realized? Most of the time, I type just like I talk. I usually DON’T find many people who do that consistently [note about the link: everyone links to this girl. Why? So we can associate ourselves with “her”]. Some people I wish I was friends with because they sound larger than life. Oh come on, I bet they really speak like Fran Drescher and are just as pop cultured as I am. Ok…well, self, you’re still “not as cool” as they are. Oh for goodness sake, they’re just webmasters of popular websites! I shouldn’t care. I’m jealous, and little green men with pointy sticks like poking jealous people. I like me, really. I think I’m really cool. I just don’t think that everyone shares my egotistical opinion. Oh how I wish they did. I act like I’m twelve years old when I’m envious. Can you tell?
Oh yes, and if I have spelling errors, give me a break. Blogger doesn’t exactly have a spell checker. I type incorrectly and I usually have my hazels on the keyboard.