Ah… All Hallows Eve. Such

Ah… All Hallows Eve. Such a fun holiday. I semi-dressed up for work today. I got some black shiny pantent leather wings and wore them over my black “college” sweater that everyone seems to love. I think I got enough stares and curious looks to last me for a while.

You know, I wonder why older women seem to never like to use public restrooms. I mean, goodness. And somehow they really enjoy talking bluntly about bodily functions and the consequences of such right in public. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but I feel embarrassed when customers walk by. I get embarrassed for people…really often. I remember having panic/stress attacks when I was little because my sister had something happen to her like… an adult reprimanding her or a friend and her having a fight. Inside me, I want to be everyone’s hero. It must be because I hate the feeling of embarassment and shame so much that I can’t have anyone else feel it. Now that I look back on this paragraph, I’ve forggotten how to spell the E word. Which way is it? two R’s or one? anyway… bear with me, ok? Like I insist to Jay (hi doc) who won’t believe me, I babble. YadaYada…

Bought: music- the O.C. Supertones “Loud and Clear”//Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack//WOW 2001
reading– Michael Crichton “Timeline”//Games Magazine
Love Meijer’s. Live Meijer’s.