I am not working today!

I am not working today! Yay! And I’m going to Bible Study in about an hour. Too bad I should be studying for math. Really. Oh well, do I ever?

Dad went to see his doctor today. He suggested dad start right up tonight on chemotherepy (note: my dad has already been through chemo once before. hopefully this time it’ll work better…hehe.) and so he’s there at this amazing cancer center (it’s so great and beautiful. really fantastic) until about 8 pm. He’s been there since 3 pm or so. It takes so long because he’s getting multiple things done: steroids, chemo, chemo, and something else. Each round takes about an hour or more. They want to start him on his “balding cycle” (as I call it) now. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing him with no hair again. Man, he’ll look so old! He’s always had a beard (save these times with cancer) and as a child I was always scared that he’d shave it off. He threatened us for fun way back in the day. Now he just looks odd. We’re hoping that it’ll grow back black. I doubt it. (note: he’s blonde).

So that’s me! I’m cooking mac and cheese and waiting for some e-mails. Take care! Not like I’m talking to anyone in particular, right? Right.