So on thursday I rushed

So on thursday I rushed around, got packed, worked from 2-6, and then got picked up by John and his parents at 7. We drove to Grand Rapids, where we stayed on 28th street (famous. most populated street in reference to restaurants ever) at the Hamilton. fun. We almost didn’t get a rom because George double-you was nearby the next day for a platform type thing. Apparently Michigan and Florida are the states to get. Go Bush! Anyway, we had a late dinner, went to bed, and woke up bright and early to visit CALVIN COLLEGE. Too bad our main guide lady was secretly a double agent named Robot Girl! Ugh, she was so annoying! Anyway, I was cold. Nevermind. We went from Calvin to HOPE, where we met up with John’s brother and my sister who already go there. Had dinner, an admissions interview, and bam, went home. I have completely shortened all my stories for sake of length because it was a very…very long day.

Alright, so at home I see dad who at this time is dead on his feet tired. He’s been overly fatigued lately and very sick. I told my rents about the trip and hustled off to call Aaron who’s band Scarecrow and Tinmen (he’s a guitarist for them this year) was coming up Saturday (today) to Lansing for a show. Rock on, I was thinking. Their show is in 5 minutes actually, and I’m missing it. Ugh. Rats, I think. I got details about it from him and found out I couldn’t make it. I thought I would be working tonight but no, I’m sick. Blah. I went to my friend’s house at which there was a senior sleep over and just stayed and hung out until i started to feel under the weather. I came home, got online for a few minutes, went to bed and was then woken up by my mum who told me she was taking my dad to the emergency room because he asn’t making any sense and was very sick. For an example, my mom said “I’m going to sit you down in the car and you stay there until I get your things ready…” and dad said, “the car? I thought we were going to the septic tank”. Well, yeah so my dad will be in the hospital for about four or more days now… he’s fighting off an infection and they need to boost his white blood cell count. Just so you get what’s happening, this is almost like if he had AIDS, it’s that easy to get an infection and get sick. Thankfully, he doesn’t have AIDS, but cancer still sucks. OK so that was my quick and to-the-point way of getting my weekend out in words. thanks and join us next time on “julia’s a sick little cider lover”…

Jas, thanks again for calling me… i needed your encouragement and you gave it.
Johnny, if you read this, don’t worry. I will e-mail you.
aha! Lilly! Caught you. Hi you.