Well now I’m off to

Well now I’m off to work. Sears, ah glorious sears on a slow day. I doubt the people in Ann Arbor will even lft a finger to bring their tired Tuesday bodies into the mall today. It’s flurrying and raining all at once outside the window, and my dad is upstairs trying to nap after having a terrible bout with intense nausia… I did call into work stating that I’d be late because of his sickness, but my manager sounded awfully PMS today. Too bad, we’re all women on the same week. Ick. For once, I’d like to switch roles with a guy for a week, and see what new revelations come out of it.
News: my wages are getting raised this pay period from $7 to $7.50 yeeeeee haw! and all that giddy stuff that popstars want you to say…
I’m off to work hi ho hi ho….