Oh isn’t this a horific

Oh isn’t this a horific start to my Saturday! I got my work schedule wrong, and so that’s a bit steamy. It’ll be a longer work day now: harder. Ah but then Michigan oh glorious Michigan, why do you have to let Ohio State get a touchdown and a field goal within the first 5 minutes of play? I’m sorely disappointed! My aunts from Canada are over and I want them to see Michigan win. Oh I am so trained. I hate OSU and love the U of M. Why shouldn’t I? I do live in Ann Arbor. It’d be too much of a culture shock to move into Ohio. Remind me to never live there. I’d probably get shot for wearing maize and blue outdoors! heh…

College update: I turned in my Hope ap. yay.

I don’t feel so fabulous as of late. I’m just in that state of mind where blues become blacks and pinks become reds… Perhaps I’m getting a weather related mood change. I know I’m not made for winter weather, but truly, I could use a year without winter depression. It isn’t the worst that could happen though. I am curious as to how I could become the chipper optimist that I have been in the past. Have I really been that desensitized? Am I so spoiled in the bad parts of life that I forget about the little things and in doing so, lack appreciation? I think it’s my walk with God. I feel as if it’s been holding on to a thin thread and slowly unraveling itself. At times I am so moved to change my ways but it’s my quiet times. I really…lack… quiet times. I like to be busy. I can’t do them in my house. I am so distracted. I fill up my time with gainless things like my websites and reading. I so want to change but how can I really do it? I’m starting to worry that my spiritual walk will never be that strong. I have the same desires spiritually that others do. I want to go share what I know and how I need what I have. Church, fellowshipping, VBS, mission trips, daily quiet times, changing the world… I won’t change the world if I can’t change myself.

Ohio State is still winning. I do think Michigan got a touchdown though. I heard the band. Oh I wish my friend Nate (Nater P. to me) was still playing trumpet for the marching band. He is so good! And I liked having connections to Michigan. Oh I am so jealous. He gets out of school in April! What kind of school is that? OF course he is doing computer science and engeneering and all of that jargon… but all the same. He’s worth money. He makes computer games and someday he’ll be famous. I know a lot of people that will be “famous” one day. They’re already famous to me. Take my friend Jay (Lilly) for example. I can see him going places. He’s getting involved with his church’s youth group in the leadership aspects of it, and he has huge dreams. Actually, he has dreams just like mine. We’re almost exactly alike. He is my twin. We have plans to become business partners in the future, and as soon as we get a smashing new idea, we’ll rocket up the ladder. I love dreams like that. Of course I can actually see our business deals working. If only he’d come to MI for college. It’s about time, him being 20 next month… Anyway, I’m just blabbing now. Nasty stuff, blabbing. I do it often and nobody listens. Sometimes I think I am all white noise. If I’m correct, you are now hearing nothing but the air sifting through your ears, and are reading a lot of white space waste with tiny little black lines and curves forming what, words? Sentences? I suppose I just need to have meaning. It’s all about finding meaning in what you do.