Being an emotionally starved young

Being an emotionally starved young women doesn’t help a thing. After seeing Bounce, I am now convinced that women with small breasts should wear bras anyway, and that men who cry are insanely attractive. Curse heartstrings and how I get them pulled. I need no man. Yup. I don’t need anyone. I will just sit here and wish I was really listening to Stephen’s radio show because I can never connect with their station. I will just think of how I could be poetic and how people like me are right in the middle of tragedy and fairy tales. I think I would make a good journalist for this fact only.

Doesn’t everyone want those GLASSES? I’m thinking great asset in college, what do you think? My first child will be named Zen Warrior King-(insert male’s last name here). Now wouldn’t that be fresh? OK maybe not. Unless your last name happens to be “Mann” or “Prince” or “King”…King-King would be pretty freaking funny. Just thought I’d put emphasis on that. Let me know if your last name is King and I’ll marry you or your brother. Thanks. You can leave a message after the beep.