Today has been gloriously long.

Today has been gloriously long. There is never a sermon about relationships that I don’t notice. I suppose that’s what’s been running thorugh my head all day now. Sometimes I think that’s a pleasant thing, but then again, I suppose I consider relationships in general too often. I’ll get over it soon. Fear not!

Relient K is blaring in the computer (my mom’s…mine doesn’t have a working sound card -of course-) and I have grown a new appreciation for people who are punks 24 hours a day. I think it’s draining! Happy fun music is what it’s all about. And yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t like “My Girlfriend” by Relient K.

Justin B. and Evan R. have a concert at Knox wednesday and I HAVE to go. This is a need, people. One of those wants that seeps past the thick curtain into the “need” dressing room. I promise you one thing, these two guys are going to be another set of my famous friends. Their band is already getting huge. This is a benifit concert for something that I’m not aware of, but my sister is driving down Jim H. (see all of my references to his brother John in previous posts) from Hope (yay Hope!) so he can open for Justin and Evan. This ought to be interesting because I have no clue what he’ll be doing. Nobody knows! Good old Turning Point throws out so many talented people into the world. I hope to be thought of as one of them.

“I know that pride and summertime come before fall
Almost missed the bus, but Jesus gave me a wake up call”