I’m one of those people

I’m one of those people who doesn’t scratch their mosquito bites, only slaps them and then hates the sound afterwards. I’m the person at the airport who thinks that everybody knows where she’s going and somehow can read her mind about how scared she is at seeing this important person on the other side… or so she thinks. I’m that girl who hates to take up space, thinking what an atrocity it is that protons have mass and she didn’t even know they were catholic. I’m someone who’s scared of buying a pink sweater because it’s pink, not because it’s a bit too tight. I am a girl who says she has standards but who wishes she didn’t feel obligated to follow them for the
sake of integrity. I never go down slides backwards. I don’t go swimming unless I want to be cold afterwards. I hate being asked the same questions over and over, but am thankful that at last someone is asking them. I wonder what it makes me.