Just in case I’m the

Just in case I’m the first groupie to ever say this, keep an eye out for the new band from Ann Arbor: Play the Man. They rock, shake, groove, and melt your mind. I’m a fan.

Actually, I did just see them at a benifit concert last night at my church that was used to benifit the families of three girls my age who died tragically in a car accident two weeks ago. God bless those families. I’m glad everyone was able to pitch in!

Another band to push onto the charts: Son of Adam, an older, more mature band. They’re also local and so I hope they make it big if that’s what God’s going for with them. they are great.

Well, today is thanksgiving, one of the holidays that still keeps itself from becoming a true “Hallmark holiday” while retaining some of its prime values such as family, good food (yes!), being appreciative, and some other ones I might not see at my house. Who knows! Holidays are special in different ways to all of us. It’s alll about traditions. Who carves the turkey? Do you eat turkey? In my Italian/Lebanese family, we pride ourselves in good food and lots of it. Some years we serve tobouli, hommus and pita, or garlic bread and red wine (excuse any incorrect spellings). Nevertheless, all the food has to be hot or else Grandma isn’t happy. And when Grandma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! Well at our meals, the food has to be hot. All of it. After years of hearing “is it hot enough?” from Grandma, we decided to just start decalring “wow! This salad is steaming!” and “Grandma, I think I burned my tongue on the water!” Trust me, we’re evil! She hates it, I’m sure. What a pip. That tiny woman is so spindly, a dancer by nature, the only familiy member with my hazel eyes, and she is determined to make my life go right. Boy, did I hear it from her when I quit girl scouts. Come to think of it, I also heard “all hell” when I quit taking sax lessons! Nice Italian Grandma.

Have a Happy Turkey Day. If you don’t celebrate it, just go shopping.