I am so proud for

I am so proud for every retailer that has ever rung up a sale on the day after Thanksgiving. Mad props to you hard working people who would have been fired if you had requested today off. And if you did, give your manager a big hug; you could be dead.

But beyond that evil!

I’ve gotten my computer to work almost back at it’s normal 90%! Score! What does this mean for you? How can you profit? By seeing how both SG and EV ANGELwill be up after all. SG is up first because I have to just go searching for the content and then we’re set. *sings* Plug it in, plug it in *stops*. Anyone could do it, but are they? Nope. And about Ev Angel: the band that you all need to support! BUY their CD ($10 + shipping) and join in the indie rock fun! I know you won’t be disappointed. And if you are, just TELL them. They’re sweeties.