Baby, was I in a

Baby, was I in a good place today! Somewhere in the universe, nothing moved, and that was me. I woke up, washed my hair, stayed in my PJ’s (even slippers), dragged on a hoddie jacket and clogged off to school. got my feet wet, I’ll tell ya that. I had a faboo day at school, even with the fact that I made up a test (might have gone either way on that sucker) and stayed an extra TWO hours just to make it up 7th hour. That’s devotion to grades, baby. D-e-v-o-t-i-o-n. Hey, I fell asleep for the first time in class today! OK, the first time this year. Man did I look the part in my baggy Old navy PJ pants and bigg huge white shirt. yum. I loved that nap. I thought about my last entry all day long and still am. Hey, God leads.I just want to know where. I’m currently trying to find good venues for Ev to play at up here. there’s this huge church in Brighton where I’ve seen concerts from Jars of Clay to Audio Adrenaline to Raze. I wonder how that’d fly? Of course, then there’s the Blind Pig downtown. Lots of bands love to play there. Of course there’s a nice age limit of 19 so I wouldn’t be able to go. but hey. I’ll keep looking.

Work rocked my boat. Let me tell you, we had no customers like all day. everyone got it out of their systems last weekend! Why do we close at 10? Nobody freakin knows. We had a party over i the juniors section from 9:00 on. Baby, we were hoppin! No music, just all 6 of us! We told stories, laughed like crazed women do, and this girl Ruby just kept on gettin down with her attitude self! I could not stop from falling on the floor, my sides hurt so bad. Haha! She even did cartwheels. Man, now I know why I like working at Sears. Ooh and I wore all black, got my eyes done up nice, went out to (yeah this is classy) Toxic Hell for my lunch… yeah it was thrilling. Want a job? Yes.