Yeah, that’s right. [whatever you’re

Yeah, that’s right.
[whatever you’re thinking at this moment… is right. whatever it is.]

So I’m getting sick. Of course this isn’t good since I’m sick very often and if dad gets sick, it’s kind of my big fault. I should live in a pool of antibacterial soap. It’s amazing how small things can change your emotional state so strongly. I know that I thrive on change. There are always exceptions. My parents just got a new bed that came in the mail today (I know, how many beds come in the mail? Just ask Select Comfort) and I am going to be asked to carry parts of it upstairs in a few minutes… When they told me they’ll be getting rid of their bed I nearly cried! That bed (well, the bed frame and headboard) have been around for as long as I can remember. It’s a comfort object of sorts. No other bed in this house has the warmth and soothing effects like their bed does. I swear, people who have liked my bed haven’t seen anything yet. It’s all about my ‘rents’ bed. Mmmm… Cozy… Anyway, so like I mentioned, they’re getting rid of it. I don’t know how to explain how this is affecting me. Chairs come and go, carpet and even houses go away, but this bed has been… so permanent. Hopefully Steve will use it in his room downstairs and we’ll keep it in the family. I’m such a cheese, I know. My furniture is antique, you know. It’s a comfort thing. I’m so attached to it! I might just go enjoy my bed for a few minutes and then spend a few in my parents’ bed just for comfort. My day hasn’t been bad nor good, but I know I need some peacefulness before work.

My friend Lauren visited school today and went to two of my classes. She’s such a pip. I shouldn’t really call her my “friend” since we only know each other from choir and she’s in college now so we don’t really talk much… but nevertheless we’ve always gotten along very well and she has to be the best storyteller I have ever met. Her and I went out to lunch today after school to Toxic Hell and once again I got a Mountain Dew and a Chalupa. Chicken of course. Don’t eat the beef. Trust me. Anyway, we spent an hour going through her love life in the past year and it really was hilariously fun. She listens well too, that’s what I really love about her. It’s not that she loves to hear herself talk, it’s that she likes having good conversation. People like that are rare, don’t you agree? Throughout our entire conversation I couldn’t have felt more lovesick, and those two words should never be smashed together. I started missing people I shouldn’t be missing so much, and wanting someone to just… call me and tell me something thrilling and mean it. I know, so many wants. So few needs. Typical woman. I think it’s just the time that all girls understand. You like everyone, you need loving, and family just doesn’t cut it. For all you men who might not identify, this comes right after the point (i’d say all stages last about a week) when we hate men, pull away, and just couldn’t care less. Yup, moody complex women. What can you do? No Y chromosomes… Yay.

I wonder what I want for Christmas… No, I wonder what I should get everyone else for Christmas. I have three gifts so far, and one of them isn’t really a gift, just something I hope that person will enjoy. Quality, baby. Quality. Do you want anything? Let me know. I get a paycheck this year .