Ok I’m not laughing anymore.

Ok I’m not laughing anymore. My hosting company PHPWEBHOSTING whom I highly recommend, e-mailed me telling me that the last time they tried to bill my credit card it ws denied. Want to know why? It turns out that some…poor sinner… stole my check card from me while I was at work and has been using it tremendously since then. I am more than devistated. I am angry. Who needs my money? If they had asked, I would have given it to them had they desperately needed some. I earned this money by working hard and long. Now I’m -$200(and some) in debt and I’m just trying to…comprehend my situation. My bank just cancelled my card so they can’t use it anymore, thank God. I’m supposed to call the bank on Monday to see what I can do about the money I lost. I hope I’m not liable for someone else’s sin. God will judge them in due time but in the present time I am dealing with my own frustration with this nameless individual. I’m complaining to Sears. I am getting my moeny back. I am dealing with the system. I now need to calm myself down. Until next time, here’s my advice:

  • Never ever sign the back of your credit cards. Write: Check ID in huge block letters. This way the thief won’t be able to forge your signature and if the names don’t match from the ID and the card, then wha-lah. Safer situation… Watch out for Visas. They’re a bit different. Check their policy and decide if it’s the card for you. Just a note.
  • Thieves are not stupid. Even you can get scammed.
  • If you steal, you’re a sinner just like the rest of us. Don’t call it borrowing because then you’ll be a liar and you will still deserve to go to Hell just like the rest of us do.
  • It doesn’t pay to not trust anyone. Trust people until they prove you wrong. Just be safe.