“Oh for a thousand tongues

“Oh for a thousand tongues to sing my Great Redeemer’s praise…”
That’s been stuck in my head all night and I’m aching to hear it. I just found out that none of my praise CDs actually has it on there. Ah well, maybe we’ll sing it in church tomorrow. Today. Same thing.

Bad news, but God is good. My dad has these “mysterious looking spots” (or whatever the doc told him) on his liver. Bad sign. We are praying great guns that these are not tumors… If they are his cancer just got a lot more serious and well, quick. Having breast cancer in his bones is one thing. Having breast cancer on his liver is like a seven year old bodybuilder: a whole new ball of wax. Please pray. I’m not kidding. I don’t ask for prayer when it’s not necessary. In fact, prayer is always necessary so why’d I even mention that? I’m scared. I didn’t cry like my mum did… But I felt as if my flesh shed tears on the inside. God is good, all the time. I trust in Him.