Off to Canada I go,

Off to Canada I go, I go! (and I bet nobody will read all of this but oh well)…
Wish me luck. I mean, I’m a bit rusty in the ways of the canuck. I haven’t bee up there for months! At least 8. It’s mind boggling how I mysteriously kept my accent all this time. I think you few Canadians out there can justify me. ha. Justify me as a person? Nevermind, that’s too tough. I’ll wait on that one, eh? (see there it goes again! blast)

Family Christmases are rad. Mum’s side will be coming up next week but this weekend, it’s all about the King fam having their bash. Here’s the quickie:
King parties are all about politics, bad jokes which run wild on this side of the tree: like gypsy moths, tons of typical turkey and food for those who don’t eat turkey (i don’t think it’s a food. I think it’s a religion), and gifts al pre-selected by each other’s family members. We all crunch into someone’s living room and pass out the gifts in order. Usually we hit it youngest to oldest. I’m in the first quarter which gives you a picture. There are…5 under me I’m pretty sure. We always have some inside jokes -mostly sick ones- going around through stocking stuffers… these are pointless because they all belong in the trash anyway, but are quite amusing as they get shown. Birthdays are celebrated first. I almost forgot! Anyone’s birthday that is remotely nearby the date gets a gift. I remember one year I got one and my special day is in March. Whoopie. Most of my relatives forget and send late cards and American money. they know Funny Money is useless *snicker*.

I’m hoping for a gift that works. Sorry to say in the past people have gotten pretty tacky ideas for me. I might hork some huge jewelry or a vest or something. You never know when they’ll move up into the “open-this-card-and-hide-the-check-amount” stages. My brother is at those now since he’s 21. Of course 21 means squat in Canada. He’s been legal for anything there since 19 I figure. He drinks chocolate milk and Mountain Dew. He’s 6’5″. I think he’s pretty cool. He has yet to think I’m cool. We’re woking on it.

So they caught the chick who stole my card, y’all. Guess who it was? Too bad, I can’t talk about it. I worked with her though… and she’s going to jail. She’s done so much of this crap that it’s bound to happen… So much more than my $800. But really! I’s po. I need that back so I can go through this whole checking account thing again and open a new one. The police are on it and I’m supposed to call this guy next week and ask him what to do next. I might testify. OK I have no idea what I’m going to do but her case is big. Maybe they won’t need me. I just want her to get what the law says she deserves( poor woman is only 19 with a little girl…) and I’d like my money back, please. Not so much to ask. I’d like to buy Christmas gifts this year. I planned on getting so many! We’ll have to make them New Years gifts I think. Remember: I’s po… and I’m not borrowing from my parents! They’re stretching things enough as it is with my dad and his medical bills and not having a job anymore (ouch… really…). He started his very major chemo today. I hope he’ll feel up to things in Ontario. Keep the prayers coming, y’all! We need them.

OK so that’s it. Quickie note though:
Jasper: you getting my e-mails? I hope so! I figured something out… I do need your number! silly me.