This week has been labeled

This week has been labeled “woah”.
Jasper visited! Yea! It was from Wednesday until Friday afternoon. That was much fun and comfort for the both of us. Being apart from good friends is hard and shouldn’t be practiced too often. It’s nice to have time to yourself and all too but R&R with buddies is fab.
We had the “Macrazy” family Christmas last night! That was completely lovely and I adore my fam. It’s not as hilarious and wacky as the King family by far but the Mackraz family has its own tuning. We’re loud and boisterous Italian/Lebanese folks. har har. It’s a shame my grandparents couldn’t be there. They’re sick and it just wasn’t the same without them (especially Grandma’s HOT supper *laugh*). Nevertheless I made out with a baby blue soft-as-feathers fleece, amazing lotion that made my nose tingle in joy. It’s summer pear scent (so real!) from Colours: by Upper Canada and it’s not called lotion. It’s called “Body Moisture Veil”….ooooh my body couldn’t be happier. And it’s Canadian! *bliss*. I also recieved a nice gift certificate to the only Christian bookstore in town (yea!)… I really like how my relatives take care in buying the good things I need.
I’m sure my mom had a hand in it *sly smile*.
Haha… after the night was through, the sibs and I drove home and nearly had an accident we were laughing so hard! Let’s just say we discussed “bed shattering sex” (and how we haven’t had any. you had to be there. ha ha) and how we’ve had hilarious car stories. My eyes shed tears and both my sides had stitches. The last time we all drove in the car together was like………. well we can’t remember! But it was so long ago. The fun didn’t stop there either. We’re all doingg something special for the parents for Christmas (I’ll explain it later with even some photos for examples) and so we all hid out up in Miriam’s room where we took the digital camera and had a hilarious party with it! I’ve never gotten along with both of them and had such an honestly great time in years. We took the craziest pictures and the project was finished at 3 am this morning *teehee* by me, the editor. Well tomorrow it’ll be finished when I go to Kinkos and get it bound somehow and have two copies made. Yea for creativity! It was the best time we’ve had in years and it’s all for my parents! hehe, not like we won’t be able to crack up at our photos later… but still.
Well today Brian took me out for lunch and Christmas shopping (nothing like another chick’s ideas for a girlfriend’s present eh?) and we shocked Laura by showing up at her house totally unexpected (well, he was unexpected)…It was so prime seeing her in her PJs cleaning the house when Mr. We-Never-Ever-See-Each-Other and I walk in… haha! It was cool chilling with Brian again. He is hurt that I never call or e-mail him (ever) and so I suppose I should. He is a better friend than I like to admit. I have always felt obliged to insult him and put him down since he hurt me… but hey, move on I say…

Ah well, that’s enough for now… Who reads about my life anyway! haha… I do.