Ah the joy of Christmas

Ah the joy of Christmas morning… Waking up and thinking outloud “ohmygoodness…it’s Christmas!” Thankfully we were able to sleep in this year until about 11 so we slept fully and woke up groggy and filled with the weight of last night’s egg nog and cookies. As usual we kids recieved our ornaments (one every year) and this year I got a gold angel… Kind of a Rembrandt angel with small full red lips and short curly golden hair and pale clear skin. If I ever meet someone that looks like her, I’ll know that angels walk the earth *chuckle*. They do in my mind, at least.

First installment: What did Julia GIVE for Christmas?

  • Mum and Dad got a gift from all three of us kids. I was the editor and creative director. woo! They *loved* it. I was so thrilled!
  • I gave Steve a joint gift with Miriam- a Michigan hockey jersey. He looks rad in that baby.
  • For Miriam I got Tommy Girl cologne and Godiva. Man did that get a smell good smile.
  • Just for Mum I got lovely layered candles in mulberry scent. Those I’ve had since early November…goodness.
  • I got Dad a three-in-one book of Max Lucado’s writing. Gorgeous… I’ll be borrowing that book soon enough.

    Second installment: What did Julia GET for Christmas?

  • doesn’t matter but I am thrilled about them! Thanks all!