oldman: It’s so funny how

oldman: It’s so funny how my veiw of christianity has changed since I began working there [name of store taken out]
lmersglue: really? as in your view of other christians?
oldman: I don’t think american christianity is christlike in many ways. I don’t think christ would’ve started a store that had a big blue sign outside that said it was a christian place. He would’ve started a store that said it was a store and had just products in it that would appeal to all kinds of people, christian and non.
oldman: the same way with the music industry. Why is there a difference between christian music and secular music?
lmersglue: now there’s a point
oldman: it’s not because the secular industry separated itself, they don’t even think like that. the christian industry has isolated itself.
oldman: in Australia, there is no christian music scene. there’s a music scene and people sing about what they want to and everyone listens
oldman: here, christians have to label what fits into their christian bubble.
oldman: christ wouldn’t have done that. christ wouldn’t have cowered in a christian bubble. he would find the strength to go out and be a light. not expect those in the darkness to enter into a lit room before seeing the light… you know what I mean?
oldman: POD they’re being a light on OZfest. Newsboys, are being a light in a lit room.
oldman: not that the newsboys ministry is invalid or anyless powerful. christians need encouragement and the body of christ is many parts, but you know what I”m saying.
lmersglue: (i’m quoting you on that)
lmersglue: i do understand your point
oldman: quote away

see? I got permission…!