Well for the fourth year

Well for the fourth year in a row or so I have made my New Year’s Eve plans on New Year’s Eve. It’s so classic. I’m glad Laura called! Not just because she woke me up either… but that she invited me to get together with her and Catherine tonight. Since none of us are drinking, it’ll be nice clean fun without a drunk idiot in the room. I wouldn’t have a good time if that happened. that might be why I don’t really party at all. I feel like I’m missing out on some colossal joke that smells like Jack Daniels. I like just having a girls night out. The New Year isn’t such a big deal anymore to me. The world won’t end (too predictable), the y2k bug is dead (a short lived pipe dream), and it’s just another digit. Ah! But 2001 is the year I graduate from high school and start college so that’s very exciting.
I know my parents are doubting my acceptance into Hope because they keep talking about visiting other colleges to do some “discernment searching” just in case. Bah. I need to get into Hope! Well, I reallyreallyreally want to. I equate that to a need. John H. even said he might go there if he gets accepted (yes!). After so many months of me preaching Hope to him, he might go there! Of course he’ll get accepted… Dov already has been accepted there already and I think she’s going there. The more Turning Point rockers we can get up there, the better it’ll be! We already have Miriam, Clare, Jim, Ben, and Don. HOPE is the place to be!
Anyway, I should go do something useful… Like dance and sing to some gospel jams. Chao.