Of course I like Florida

Of course I like Florida too. “Oldman” (of below) says he thinks it’s God’s will that I go to college there. He even fasted and prayed over it for a full…. minute and a half. Wow do I have a friends. I just know I won’t live there for a while now. It just doesn’t feel like home… But I would like to visit… see a few key shows from my FAVOURITE band… and the palm trees. Gotta see the giant orange cafes and the palm trees. I’ve been to FL before twice actually. Maybe I’ll go spring break with those Turning Point ladies and gents. Maybe I’ll convince my parents to let me stay down there during the second winter break eh? *please please please*. It’s just as important as going to GA. That’s the level of this want. I don’t mind being honest about it either. So there.

You know you are loyal to a band when you download their SONGS off of MP3.COM just for the sake of helping them out because you don’t have working speakers or a working soundcard… yup, that’s mad love.